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Williamstown chords - Wilkinsons

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Wilkinsons Sheet music

C C F C  C C G C  C C F C Dm G

(C)My momma always (F)told (C)me

Not to (C)hang around those

Williamstown (G)boys

(C)And don't be blind girl they're (F)not our (C)kind

But she (Dm)never met Willie Mc(G)Coy

(C)The sun comes up at (F)his (C)house

The (C)same as it does at (G)mine

And why the (C)two of us should (F)never (C)touch

Is (Dm)something I just (G)can't get through my (C)mind


In a (F)passing car I (G)saw him through the (C)window

I could (Dm)swear I caught him looking (G)back

If there's a (F)chance for love to (G)grow

(C)I might never (F)know

"Cause I'm (Dm)stuck here

On the (G)right side of the (C)tracks

C C F C  C C G

(C)Funny how a set of (F)rusty (C)rails

Built a (C)wall that we can't break (G)down

I (C)know my baby's a (F)stone's throw (G)away

But it's a (Dm)million miles from (G)here

To Williams(C)town


And if that (F)train still (G)stopped here at the (C)station

We could (Dm)hop on board, and never look (G)back

Until (F)love can cross that (G)line

Bet(C)ween his world and (F)mine

I'm (Dm)stuck here on the (G)right side of the (C)tracks

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