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Whoa Sailor chords - Hank Thompson

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                              Whoa Sailor   (one of the first songs Hank
Thompson recorded late 40's or early 50's)

[A] I'll tell you 'bout my night on shore, if you will lend an [E7th]ear

[B7th] I stepped into a cabaret to get myself a [E7th] beer
[A] A pretty girl sat all alone and needed compa [E7th] ny
[B7th] But when I got close, this gal arose, this is what she said to
[E7th] me
Now she said [A] whoa sailor be [D] careful what you do
In your eye there's a gleam and to me it seems your [A] just like all
the [F#] rest
With a [B7th] wolfish eye and a line that's sly, then a [E7th] salior's
at his [A] best.

[A] Now look here babe you've got me wrong , I'm not that sort of [E7th]
[B7th] I just got back from across the sea where there are no gals
[E7th] arie.
[A] Now let me talk to you a while I'm sure you'll see my [E7th] way
[B7th] When I went to spout she turned about this is what she had to
[E7th] say
Now she said[A]  whoa sailor I've [D] heard that line before
You'll look into my eyes and tell me lies and [A] tales of the seven
But a [B7th] sailor's full of that kinda bull so [E7th] don't hand it to
[A] me

[A] Oh pretty girl you've let me down you've broken my poor[E7th] heart
[B7th] And oh how it hurt when you had to spout that last sad [E7th]
[A] I said I think I have a drink and I broke out six month's [E7th] pay

[B7th] With a wide open eyes she breathed a sigh this time she had to
[E7th] say
Now she said [A]  oh sailor boy I [D] think you've won my heart
Well she was right neat and she sure was sweet but I knew she was that
[F#] sort.
But she's [B7th] not all to blame 'cause it's a sailor's aim to have a
[E7th] girl in every [A] port.

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