I Blame It On Waylon chords - Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson Lyrics

            I Blame It On Waylon
By Josh Thompson

A                            G                       A 
I blame this new tattoo on a hundred proof bottle of whiskey
         D                                  A    
And this scar on my cheek to an 84 jeep and oak tree
          A                   C 
Blame the cussin on my daddy, good looks on my momma
But as for my honkytonk ways

              A                      G 
I blame it on Waylon, all them other outlaws
           D                          A
Blame it a backbeat, blame it on them sad songs
           A                       G             D
If i got a don't care attitude and long hair and mean every damn word i'm singing
I blame it on Waylon

I blame my ramblin' way on that old freight train i was born on And the holes in the soles of these boots on every girl i told so long Blame my good luck on the good lord, bad luck on the devil But this lonesome in my soul, you know Chorus Solo Bridge: G E To these smokey bar dues i'm paying Chorus