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Faithful Son chords - Frank Turner

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                Capo 1

D G D Dsus2 D 
Meet me on the edges of the city,
Bm G D Dsus2 D
Meet me where the underground runs out.
D G D Dsus2 D 
Bring a picnic blanket and your pity.
Bm G D Dsus2 D
A pen and paper so I can write things down.

A Asus2 Em Em7 
Mother, oh dear mother, I wasn't joking when I said,
Bm G A
That I plan to keep doing this until the day I'm dead.
D Cadd9 G A
And I'm not a mirror for you when you were young.
Em A 					D G D		
But I still remain your faithful only son.

D G D Dsus2 D 
Lately I've been feeling kind of fragile,
Bm G D Dsus2 D
Lately I've been feeling all worn out.
D G D Dsus2 D 
What would any of us do, before the dreams that we had came true,
Bm G D Dsus2 D
What would there be left to dream about.

A Asus2 Em Em7 
Father, oh dear father, I'm not trying to reject,
Bm G A
The values that you held like winning cards up to your chest.
D Cadd9 G A
But I can't just do the things that you wish that you'd done,
Em A 						
Though I still remain your faithful only son.

G Gmaj7 Em Em7
/piano instrumental 

G Gmaj7
The city, seems so still
Em Em7
When you're looking down, from Highgate Hill.

D let ring, G let ring D Dsus2 D 
There's nothing left for us to say,
Bm G D Dsus2 D
You taught me everything that I know,
D G D Dsus2 D 
YOu wouldn't miss me if I stayed,
Bm G D Dsus2 D
You never see me if I go.

A Asus2 Em Em7 
This is no confession no this is who I am
Bm G A
Make me in your image so you have to understand,
D Cadd9 G A
That I did my best as told and so've become,
Em A D 					G D-G-D
Your loving and your faithful only son.

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