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White Trash Farm chords - Tyler McCumber Band

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                White Trash Farm
By Tyler McCumber Band

Capo 1

   Em                           G  
My name is Bo Jack Loomis and I come from the Whiskey Hills
    D                                      Em
The revenuers named back in the day of the fast cars and stills
       Em                                 G
It’s a five mile washed out logging road, down ?????????
     D                                          Em
That leads me to the two lane black top that’ll bring me to your broken town

Well I see my mama wash clothes on a board and hang ‘em on a line to dry
See my daddy sloppin’ hogs for money, we were barely getting’ by
Well I proud just damn sure poor now you point your gun at me
Tell me to give you my money well take a good look at me

G                 D                    Em    
Cause Daddy had a ten acre white trash farm
G           D                 Em 
I was never hungry and always warm
     G                      D                   Em
Well I was raised Christian so this I know if I die right now where I’m gonna go
G           D                    Em 
Daddy had a ten acre white trash farm

Well you won’t get much by shootin’ me cause I’m living hand to mouth
I’m a redneck boy comin’ outta these hills I’m a snuff dippin’ son of the south
Hey listen man this ain’t a color thing its nothing to do with our skin
If you believe in Adam and Eve then brother we’re both kin

So please mister please put your hogleg down and let me just walk away
And the Lord he can forgive and we will meet again one day
But if you choose to pull that trigger and snuff my life away
Then pray goddam sure run real slow an come the judgment day


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  1. Tyler McCumber Band - White Trash Farm Chords

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