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Whisky Talkin chords - Tyler

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                "Whisky Talkin"
Capo on the 2nd Fret

I just sat down and wrote out this song.  It just came to me so here you are!

D G A 2x


(D) I came (G) home from (A) School one day
(D) My old (G) man was sittin (A) there
(D) I could (G) tell he wasn't (A) well
(D) been tryin to (G) drink himself to (A) hell

(D) They let him (G) go from his (A) job ya see
(D) He seemed to (G) take it all out on (A) me
(D) This ain't the (G) first and it won't be the (A) last
(D) I'll just (G) do what I've done in the (A) past

So I (G) hit the floor right (A) there 
And I (D) began to say my (G) prayers
Sayin (Bm) please be with him (G) Jesus while he's (A) fallin
Cause I (Em) know it's (A) just the Whisky (D) Talkin

(D) Let's fast (G) forward to a (A) few years ago
(D) I hit (G) on this girl ya (A) know
(D) She thought I was (G) funny, she (A) thought I was smart
(D) And with just one (G) look, she cut (A) straight to my heart

Chorus 2
As I (G) sat in that (A) chair 
I (D) began to say my (G) prayers
Sayin (Bm) please be with me (G) Jesus while I'm (A) fallin
And I (Em) prayed it (A) wasn't the Whisky (D) Talkin

So (G) we set on this (D) journey (A) down the road (D) together
Makin (G) memories from the (D) good times along the (A) way
(G) Who ever (D) thought that (A) things would ever (D) change
(G) I never (D) dreamed that it would (A) end….

(D) You know they (G) say that growin (A) old
(D) There ain't (G) nobody wanna do it (A) alone

Final Chorus
So the (G) day that my wife (A) died I (D) fell apart (G) inside
Screamin (Bm) please be with me (G) Jesus while I'm (A) drownin
Cause (Em) tonight there's (A) gonna be some Whisky (D) poundin.

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  1. Tyler - Whisky Talkin Chords

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