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Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do chords - Van Zant

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                Intro:  G   D   C

Em                                             C
You should’ve seen the look on the face of the boss of the second shift
Em                                   C 
When I threw my hardhat at him and suggested the box where he could stick it
G                                     C      
I walked downstairs and told’em I was leaving Bethlehem
        Em                    D
Like I’d seen The Savior had tears in my eyes
C                      N.C.  
Holding my hands up and shoutin A-men

G                             D                  C
Cause there ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do
        G                D
I spent most of my life wrapped up tight 
   C               F    C           G  
In somebody else’s hand-me-down old shoes
         D                C   
Starting today I’m someone I’d be proud to know
Am                         C
You might tell me where to go 
G                            D               G
But there ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do 

Em                                     C
We buried daddy just last week at the church that saved his soul
Em                                         C
Man he dreamed of pilot’s wings spent his whole life digging coal
G                                        C
I got a guitar up under my bed, but I’ve been to scared to fly
       Em                        D
That’s enough of that stuff I’m packing up my trunk
You can just kiss my butt good bye 

Bridge:  Em   C   Em   C   D   

G                                       C
I walked down stairs and told’em I was leaving Bethlehem

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