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Destination Unknown chords by Victor Sanz

Victor Sanz Chords

Intro: G-D-C-D-G-D-C-D-G-D-C

G                     D               C             D
She walked up in a tank top in the poolhall parkin lot
G                         D         C           D
Said, "Nice truck, man I bet that thing'll fly"
        G                              D
Next thing I knew we here headed outta town
         C                  D
As the Texas sun was goin' down
                 G                     D       C-D
Down a two lane road with a faded yellow line
         ?                                ?    
I was hopin' that the road would go on forever
            ?                     ?
she said, "Have you been here before"
    ?          ?
I said, "no never"

            G         D
It was destination unknown
 C              D             G
Like shootin' stars we were goin'
     D                  C
Somewhere out into the night
            D               G
Hearts on fire and wheels rollin'
          D                 C
Caught between the moonlit sky
          D             G
And the sparkle in her eye
?                    ?
Movin' anything but slow
?               ?
Destination unknown

Verse 2
Ten miles out of Abilene
We had to stop for gasoline bought some cracker jacks
And a cold six pack of beer
Wish I had a picture of her eyes
When she found the cracker jacks prize
It was a fake diamond ring
She grinned from ear to ear
I asked her if she knew where we were goin'
She said half the fun of gettin' there
Is just not knowin'

repeat chorus X2 

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  1. Destination Unknown Chords

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