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One Voice chords - The Wailin' Jennys

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                capo: 7th fret

intro: Em D/F# G (2x)

Em                               D/F#    G
This is the sound of one    voice
G                 C9     G
one spirit, one voice
G                                       C9            G      D/F#
the sound of one who makes a cho--ice
Em                              C9   G      D/F#
this is the sound of one vo--ice
Em                               C9    G
this is the sound of one voice

repeat for other verses

bridge (listen to get chord changes)
C9 G  D/F#
C9 G D/F#

strange F-ish chord, i'm gonna call it F...not exactly sure what it's called, but it 
like this:
E 3
B 3
A 0
G 3
D x
E  x


then back to verse again for last verse, end on G

The Wailin' Jennys ChordsThe Wailin' Jennys Lyrics

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Wailin' Jennys, The
Buy Wailin' Jennys, The CD

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