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Whoever Made Those Rules chords - Doc Walker

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Doc Walker Sheet music
Intro:  G  Em  D  C   
        G  Em  Bm  C (x2)  D

G            Em                Bm        C    D         G
Good things come to those who wait, and only fools rush in
G         Em                  Bm     C        D     C
I've let those words guide my fate, time and time again
C              D          G   Am 
But nothing's etched in stone
       G/B      C        D
And I guess I should've known, that

G                   Em
Whoever made those rules
               Bm                 C       D
Never looked into your eyes on a moonlit night
G                         Em                  Bm
Who would've thought that I could've found a love this strong
    C         D
It can't be wrong
 B                                     Em        D     C   G/B
Less is more made sense before, but now I can't get enough
     Am7                 D                   G   Em  Bm  C  D
Baby you made a fool of whoever made those rules

G         Em                  Bm     C        D         G
Some say love will lose it's shine, once the new wears off
G            Em                 Bm             C       D        C
The heat of passion fades with time, but they couldn't be more wrong
C            D         G  Am
I knew with just one look
         G/B      C        D
That we would rewrite the book


      G          Em      C                   D
Baby you made a fool of who ever made those rules

G  Em  Bm  C  D

     G          Em      C                   D
Baby you made a fool of who ever made those rules

Outro: G  Em  Bm  C  D (x2)


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