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Hot Rod Mercury chords - Don Walser

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                Hot Rod Mercury
Don Walser

I had me a hot rod Mercury, a nineteen and fifty one
With the sun visor and the fender skirts, oh I had her underslung
E                                                                         A 
Had a little chain around the license plate, suicide knob on the sterring wheel
                        E                    B7                   E
Had a little rip in the front seat cover but that weren’t no big deal
Kept her shined up like a new penny, all dressed up so neat
She was a classic and more with a four in the floor,  a ?? the front seat
      E                                                                A
Had a straight pipe runnin’ through the muffler with a hideaway toggle switch
                     E                           B7 
And that old Mercury purred just like a kitten until I hit that switch
E                                                             A 
Then you better pull down the windows and lock up all of your doors
                      E                         B7                 E  
Believe it or not for 20 city blocks, you could hear that mercury roar

Chorus 1:
Hear that mercury roar
A                 E
Hear that mercury roar
Believe it or not, for 20 city blocks
        B7                    E
You can hear that old Mercury roar

Down in Luisa, Texas, right on the courthouse square
All the guys and all of the chicks, well, they hang out down there
The gals would go one way around the square and the guys around the other
When we would meet we would slow way down and check out one another
And when I met that special girl, one I could adore
Well, I’d reach down, trip that old toggle switch and make that old Mercury roar

Chorus 2:
Make that Mercury roar
Make that Mercury roar
I’d reach down, trip that old toggle switch
And make that Mercury roar

If I could just go back to the fifties and if things were to be the same
You see me hangin’ out at the Skyview drive in with my Patricia Jane
Well we listened to the music on the jukebox down at the Rexall store
One more time I’d like to trip that switch, and make that old Mercury roar

Chorus 2

Chorus 2

Yeah go down to the Skyview drive in
Have a little of that fried chicken
Do a little sparkin’, I think you call it neckin’ nowadays
Whoo, got me a suicide knob on my steering wheel
Got a rose in it, wife wouldn’t let me put a naked girl in it
Make that Mercury roar

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Walser Don
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