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Hey Tomorrow chords - Walt Wilkins

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                Hey Tomorrow

C   C  F  C F  G  C  4X

There's a barefoot girl on the seat beside me
       F                                 G       C
We're rollin' 'cross the prarie to the promised land.

Lookin' far and wine to find our Heaven,
   F                       G         C
A little earth and sky to make our stand.
 Am                   G                F
There's a truckstop sunsut moon comin' up - -
 Am                               F             G
Toastin' our future with little plastic coffee cups.

   G       C
- Hey tomorrow, we'll meet ya 
 F                       G        C
Down at the banks of a beautiful river
G                      C             F     G
You show the way and we're gonna follow...hey tomorrow. -

C  F  C F  G  C

We kept findin' fewer reasons to stay unhappy,
F                      G     C
Fewer reasons just to hang around.

Bought a trailer with the cash that we got in the yard sale
 F                                  G        C
Packed ourselves up and now we're coverin' ground.
Am                G                  F
We'll make a new home when the sun comes up
Am                G                      F        G
Together in the light of a new day, and that will be enough.

C  F  C  G  2X

Am                G                  F
We'll make a new home when the sun comes up
Am                G                      F        G
Together in the light of a new day, and that will be enough.


C    =   X03201
G    =   320033
F    =   X33211 or 133211
Am   =   X02110

enjoy :)

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