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I Know A Heartache When I See One chords - Jennifer Warnes

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Jennifer Warnes Sheet music
                Intro   F   C   |G   C   | X4
C                                                F
Look at who the wind's   Blowin' up the road
C                                 G
Shining like a northern star
C                                      F
Actin' like the answers To all my prayers
                C                        G       C
But, baby, I know what you really are

                   Am                C                                   
So don't you knock on my door  
                 F               C
I  won't be home any-more
             Am              C                   G
You can find me out walking in the sun
             Am          C                F          C
Oh, you hide it so well  It isn't easy to tell
      Am         C                         G    C
But I know a heartache when I see one

Turnaround  F   C   |G   C   | X2 

C                                     F           
There was a time   I was a true be-liever
C                               G
Your love was the only way
Well you can save all your sweet talkin'  
for some other fool 
          C                     G                     C
Only a fool would be-lieve what you say


LEAD |Dm    |F      |C     |G     |Dm   |F    |Am   |G   |   

        C                                     F
 Oh, Time is a teacher  and it's taught me well
      C                            G
The loser is the one who cries
And when you've cried like a baby 
 and you've hurt like hell
                      C                  G               C 
You know the devil   By the look in his eyes

CHORUS X2  Guitar outro over chorus

[Thanks to yunker 60 for tabs]

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  1. Warnes Jennifer - I Know A Heartache When I See One Chords

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