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Let It Fall chords - Sean Watkins

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                Sean Watkins - Let It Fall

(from the concert at Berkely, CA)

C#m Bsus A2 E

Verse 1:
E                        A2         C#m              A2
Hey look I'm not weighed down as I walk through the glowing 
             Bsus                  A2
wheat fields churning on the ground
E                      A2             Bsus C#m  A2
As all the ravens fly away, they leave nothing, but the sun 
    Bsus          A2
and endless blue days
A2                                 Bsus
I always knew I felt this way, but couldn't find the time 
        C#m                          A2
to say, to myself I've got to let it go
        A2                            Bsus
Through all the joy and all the pain, with the drought and 
          C#m                           A2
the rain, the honest truth is all I want to know

E       Bsus    C#m   A2
Leeeeet iiiiiit faaaaaall
E       Bsus    C#m   A2
Leeeeeeeeeeeett Gooooooo

(chris busts out with a solo)

Verse 2:
E                               A2          Bsus C#m   A2
My kingdom's walls have falling down, but I know that, I 
                Bsus        A2
don't wear an undeserved crown
E                          A2         Bsus  C#m A2
Though it seemed to fit me well, underneath it, I would
       Bsus     A2
certainly fall down
A2                                      Bsus
Last summer we left things unsaid, that should be now a 
                    C#m                               A2
long time dead, And now it seems that time has put it well
A2                                 Bsus
Words can chase away a friend, but to a lie they'll bring 
           C#m                              A2
an end And Throw it down the darkest deepest well

E       Bsus    C#m   A2
Leeeeet iiiiiit faaaaaall
E       Bsus    C#m   A2
Leeeeeeeeeeeett Gooooooo

A2--hammer then mute quick then  E-- strum long 

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