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Guitar Picker chords - Whiskey Myers

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                Intro: E-G-A-E x4

E                  G
I remember back when I was sixteen
      A                            E
I was sittin' around pickin' just my pops and me
        E                     G
when his friend walked up in a cowboy hat 
       A                        E
said I like what your doin but it ain't where its at
E                    G
I see this road will leave you cold and alone
A                      E
old dead broke and just a bag of bones
       E                     G
so you better take heed to the words i say
 A                         E                                        
and stay quite clear of that lost highway

G         A                    E
oh southern wind wont you take me high
      G                   A                   E
I got seven ladies dancin' naked by an old camp fire
G          A                    E
good times pickin' with a bottle of wine
           G              A                E
Ill be an old broke guitar picker, lord, when I die

Holes in my clothes I got holes in my shoes
I got a  hole in the heart, that's why I'm singin' the blues
it put some change in my pocket but it's all gone
and everything that i do it seems to be …..wrong
so now I'm broke I'm back on the street
with a guitar case in front of  Dave and me
so you better listen up cause it ain't no lie
please throw a nickel in when you walk by

o southern wind wont you take me high
And its hard to keep rollin when all you got is flat tires
good times pickin' with a bottle of wine
Ill be an old broke guitar picker, lord, when i die

Solo :E-G-A-E -E-G-A-Bm-A x2  E-G-A-A-G-E-A-G-E

I came in this world with nothin on my back
Now I'll leave the same and thats a fact
I ain't in it for the money i ain't in it for the fame
and i don't really care if you remember my name
so now i gotta to go i gotta hit the road
i gotta do the only thing that i know
I got this feeling deep down and i got to be true
and i sure as hell ain't gonna  change for you


O southern wind wont you take me high
when i hear the sounds coming from an amplifier
good times pickin' with a bottle of wine
Ill be an old…..A broke guitar picker……………


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Whiskey Myers
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