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Bluebird chords - Jim White

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Jim White

Capo 3

[Am]Bluebird on a [C]telephone line.
[D]How are you? [Am]I'm feeling fine.
[Am]Sweetly do I [Em]whisper your [Am]name.

[Am]Lonely solo [C]taxi ride to a
[D]cheap motel on the [Am]wrong side of the tracks.
[Am]The facts are [Em]tricky to ex[Am]plain.

[Dm]Cold front bearing down, [Am]blowing in from Birmingham.
[Dm]By dawn the window's wet with icy [Am]rain.
[Dm]Behind fourteen doors, a [Am]sad parade of paramours 
[Am]are throwing little white rocks at [Em]sorrow's window [Am]pane.
[Am]Me, I've found someone to [Em]love more than the [Am]rain.

[Am]Salvation Army [C]ringing bell,
[D]kingdom come and [Am]wishing wells.
[Am]Hey Santa Claus I [Em]see your junkie [Am]eyes.

[Am]It's the devil and the [C]deep blue sea, with old 
[D]friends I hope I [Am]never see again
;Am]all tangled up with [Em]misery and [Am]lies.

[Dm]The lonely hiss of passing cars [Am]feeds the ache of ancient scars,
[Dm]like ghosts beneath my bed rattling [Am]chains.
[Dm]No good luck charm or remedy ever [Am]proved to soothe my sanity
[Am]nor bad medicine [Em]served to ease my [Am]pain.
[Am]Had to find someone to [Em]love more than the [Am]rain.

[Am]Now, old habits [C]will die hard.
[D]This pile of junk setting [Am]in my yard...
[Am]souvenirs from the [Em]wrecking ball of [Am]dreams.

[Am]You spend a lifetime tearing [C]temples down, 
[D]it gets to feel like [Am]hallowed ground 
[Am]is a shallow grave [Em]where ne'er the bluebird [Am]sings.

[Dm]Last time home when I played this song, you said [Am]"Dad, it's sad, and way too long."
[Dm]And I pulled you close and held you in my [Am]arms.
[Dm]Yes, salvation wears a thin disguise 'cause [Am]I can see the heaven in your eyes.
[Am]And I thank God them years I [Em]searched were not in [Am]vain...
[Am]finally found someone to [Em]love more than the [Am]rain.
[Am]Bluebird I love you [Em]more than the [Am]rain.

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