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They Laid Waste To Our Land chords - White Mansions

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                White Mansions 
They Laid Waste To Our Land

          C 	                   F                C
They Laid Waste To Our Land, they took it from our hands
     F          C                        G
     C   	  	             F               C
They stole our corn and wheat, they left no food to eat
     F                   C                          G
They slaughtered all the cattle, took the things of worth
 	     F 	  	  	  	  C
Well we got women and children too, just the same as you
C 	  	  	 G 	  	      C
Ain’t it enough just to know that you got us beat?

    C 	  	              F 	  	            C
The hatred will never cease, even now that there’s peace 
    F                    C                     G
The feelings will run as deep, as the scars we bare.
           C                                  F     
This ain’t clause for weary drag, were at the mercy of 
the “Carpetbag”
      F        C 	  	         G
What you call justice, is plain unfair
        F 	  	  	       C 	 
How the hell can you ever claim, it’s been worth all the pain,
        C 	        G                C
Just to have us live together under one flag?

Chorus: (in the background)

On November 15th, 1864, General Sherman cut out the back of Atlanta,
with 68,000 far born Yankees.  He drove them down through Georgia to the sea. 
With hate in their hearts, they moved in a line. 
Cutting a scar through God’s blessed country, 50 miles wide. 
Burning, looting, gutting our land like vultures.  
They tore up the railroad tracks, they burnt the cotton, and the James.  
Lord they made everybody suffer.


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White Mansions
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