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Lake Placid Blues chords - Tony Joe White

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	Greg- I'm not sure who authored this song, but I heard it done by Tony 
	Joe White of Polk Salad Annie fame...  Lake Placid Blues- Tony Joe 

Lake Placid Blues (Tony Joe White)
									[A]  002200		
[A] At the time I was [G]  too young for the [A] men
But [A] it's become much [G] clearer through the [A] years
[A] We gathered [G] round the boy in his [D] army clothes
Said good[C]bye and his [G] mother shed her [A] tears  

[A] Every day she [G] watched for the [A] postman
But the [A] long awaited [G] letter was over[A]due
[A] It's not the [G] silence that [D]makes you crazy
It's the [C] sound of a [G] heart breaking in [A] two

[C] Then it [G] came across the [A] ocean
It was [C] hard to under[G]stand the awful [A] news
[C] I don't know [G] why I still re[A]member
I [C] guess it's just the [G] Lake Placid [A] Blues [A] [G] 

[A] I turned 18 and [G] left that part of the [A] country
[A] Went down on the [G] Padre Island [A] coast
[A] Of all the [G] hard times I [D] still remember
The repo[C]ssession of the [G] guitar hurt the [A] most

I [A] often stood in [G] line outside the [A]mission
And I [A] huddled there  be[G]side them in the [A] rain
A [A] priest came [G] to the door with [D] empty eyes
I could [C] see he no [G] longer felt their [A] pain

[C] Some were [G] searchin' for for[A]giveness
And [C] others [G] only wanted [A] food
I [C] needed [G] more than I could [A] ask for
There is no [C] comfort with the [G] Lake Placid [A]Blues

[A]  [G]  [A]            [A]  [G]  [A]          [A]  [G]  [D]             [C]  [G]  [A]

[A] It's hard to find good [G] friends in a [A] lifetime
[A] You can usually [G] count 'em on one [A] hand
I [A] shivered [G] by the fire and the [D] dawn was breakin'
And I [C] scattered his [G] ashes on the [A] sand

And the [G] silver cranes came [D] over in [A] formation
[G] In a sacred [D] manner they [A] flew
[G] And I will [D] always re[A]member
The [C] sky, [G] the Lake Placid [A]Blues
[A]    [G]     [A]             [A]   [G]   [A]              [A]  [G]  [A]
[C]  [G] Lake Placid [A] Blues  [C] [G] [A]       [C] [G] [A]     [C][G][A]
[C]  [G] Lake Placid [A] Blues  

Tony Joe White ChordsTony Joe White Lyrics

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