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Careless Hands chords - Slim Whitman

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Slim Whitman Sheet music
Careless Hands by Slim Whitman

Note 1: There are two places where it is voice only. I have CAPITALIZED 
those words.

Note 2: At the end of the second line in the chorus, do a few strums and stop.

Capo 1st Fret

I LET MY (G) heart fall (C) into careless (G) hands 

Careless (D) hands that broke my heart in (G) two

*You held my dreams like (C) worthless grains of (G) sand

*Careless (D) hands don't care when dreams slip (G) through

I brought you (C) joy and dear I loved you (G) so

But all that (A) sunshine didn't make the roses (D) grow (D) //// Stop

IF YOU DON'T (G) change some-(G7)-day you'll know the (C) sor-(Cm)-row

Careless (G) hands that (D) can't hold on to (G) love

Break – Follow pattern of last two lines of first verse*

Repeat Chorus

Slim Whitman ChordsSlim Whitman Lyrics

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