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Cars Can't Escape chords - Wilco

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Wilco Sheet music
                Wilco - Cars Can't Escape
G   320003 Emmaj7 021000
G/F 120003 Em/C#  042000
F   133211 Eb*    X65000
Em  022000 C      X32010
C/G 332010 D7     XX0212
B7  X21202


      G          G/F    G           F 
When red is blood   and petals blue
    G                Em                  C/G
And in my sleepless mind our loves been dead a week or two
B7                       C/G
Sometimes good time are stuck inside of you
                  G    F
And then they're gone
And I don't know why
  B7                                   C/G
A lot of things have changed since we said goodbye
The reasons for you to love me
But I gave you none
So I tap my glass and nod my chin and
Em    Emmaj7      Em/C#    Eb*    C
Wonder who you've been in rhythm with


    G               G/F
Sometimes just time
      G           F
Cars can't escape
       G                  Em
And clouds are grey and close
Not often too far away
B7                  C/G
Blue has no power, value or hue
           G   F         C/G
For open skies, relationless
Carelessness is what I miss
And that's how I think of you
C/G                       D7
Sometimes good times were all we had to do
So I tap my glass and nod my chin and
Em    Emmaj7      Em/C#    Eb*    C
Wonder who you've been in rhythm with
So I tap my glass and nod my chin and
Em    Emmaj7      Em/C#    Eb*    C
Wonder who you've been in rhythm with

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