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Hes A Cowboy chords - Mark Wills

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                G  G/F#  Em  D  C  
G                 G/F#                   Em                  D  
Jenny?s daddy was five years gone by the time that Jenny was 6 years old 
       C                       C/B                Am 
It was her and her mom and her parakeet Pete in a little blue house at the end of the street 
G                            G/F#              Em                         D  
Her friends ask her what her daddy did and you know how it is when you?re just a kid 
    C                     C/B                Am         D 
she couldn?t tell em that she didn?t know so Jenny just lied and told em' 
              C      D 
He?s a cowboy riding the range 
           G       G/F#        Em  
he?s got a painted pony with a flowing mane 
         C              C/B              
and he?s chasin the sun dodgin the rain 
    Em                               C 
and he don?t go running away when it gets tough 
he?s made of that stuff that don?t let you down, boy 
D          G      G/F#  Em  D  C 
no, he?s a cowboy 
       G       G/F#  Em  D  C 
he?s a cowboy      
10 years later after a pillow fight, well Jenny and her friends got to talking bout life 
What they?re gonna do when they graduate, what kind of guy they?re gonna marry one day 
And All of her friends said the usual stuff, you know, Doctors and lawyers and bankers and such 
but jenny didn?t even to lie when she started talking about her dream guy 
Jenny married a guy named Mike and they had a little boy and they started life 
Mike ran off 4 yrs ago and now her little boy is five years old 
And Jenny looks out the window and smiles at the way life works when you give it a while 
Little man running round out back with a stick horse and a little red hat 
And he got her that cowboy

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