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Montgomery To Memphis 2 chords - Lee Ann Womack

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Lee Ann Womack Sheet music
                Subject: Lee Ann Womack..Montgomery To Memphis

From:  or
Written by: Billy Montana, Anne Reeves
Originally transcribed by LeePooOO
I fixed the location of the chords,added more chords and it is played on
the--"6th FRET"-- not the 5th.

          C                      F    
I've got a two room flat with a view of the bridge
That crosses over into Arkansas
C                   G            C
It's pretty to see all lit up at night
C             F                   C                   
Tips are good, waitin' tables at a downtown restaurant
C                                 G                    C
You sound a little surprised that I might be doing all right
Am                    C           F                 C
 Yeah, this is a big town, and I still get lost sometimes
Am                       C               F                G
 A lot has changed since Montgomery and when you said goodbye

G                F                C                G
Looking back at where I was I can see how far I've come
G      Am            C               F               G      C
From a nobody with a broken heart to feeling like someone
C               Am           F                
Now you say you want me back boy let me tell you this
       Dm           F(1st time stop)       C
It's a million miles from Montgomery to Memphis

C                        F
There's nobody special, I'm not in love
Hasn't been anyone since you
C                       G                 C
Now isn't that what you wanted to hear me say
C                           F                 C
No, I've got no plans to be back in Montgomery anytime soon
C                          G                      G
Sure, we'll get together if you're headed up this way
Am                C          F             C
 You can probably make it in half a day or so
Am                           C               F                 G
But you can't just walk back in again, got a long, long way to go


C                Am                F
 Now you say you want me back well boy let me tell you this
       Dm           F(STOP)                C
It's a million miles from Montgomery to Memphis
  <--F ONE STRUM)                  (FADE)   
C FG F C C Am C F G C Am F F Dm F C G F C G Am C

Great song from Ms. Lee Ann Womack........
Take Care,


Lee Ann Womack ChordsLee Ann Womack Lyrics

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