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Notes To The Coroner chords - Chely Wright

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                (Capo on 1)

Intro.:  | (C)  |

(Am) I hope I haven't been 2/4(G)lying here 4/4(C)long
(Am) I'd say, "I told you so," but 2/4(G)I'm long 4/4(C)gone
(Dm) Who called you? Who found me? Who had to spread the news?
(F) I hope it wasn't my sis-(G)ter

I wrote it (Am)down for you in case I 2/4(G)didn't sur-4/4(C)vive
In a (Am)black notebook right 2/4(G)there by my 4/4(C)side
(Dm) Be sure to read it, it'll tell you everything
(F) Go ahead and start from De-(G)cember

These are my (Am)notes to the (G)coroner (C)
(Am)Clues with no (G)compromise (C)
(Am)Notes to the (G)coroner (C)
(Am) Details of (G)my demise (C)

You'll wanna (Am)take my blood to 2/4(G)smear on a 4/4(C)slide
But if you (Am)just read on you'll 2/4(G)know how I 4/4(C)died
(Dm) Terminal sadness, chronic regret
(F) A big ball of pain in paja-(G)mas

These are my (Am)notes to the (G)coroner (C)
(Am)Clues with no (G)compromise(C)
(Am)Notes to the (G)coroner (C)
(Am) Details of (G)my demise(F) (C)

Inst.:  | (Am) (G) | (C)  | x 4

(Bb) Palpitations of a (C)broken heart
(Bb) Triggered my shortness of (C)breath
I lost (Bb) too much love and then I (C)fell apart
(Bb) Official cause of my death

(Bm)Notes to the (A)coroner (D)
(Bm)Clues with no (A)compromise (D)
(Bm)Notes to the (A)coroner (D)
(Bm) Details of (A)my demise (D)

These are my (Bm)notes to the (A)coroner (D)
(Bm)Clues with no (A)compromise (D)
(Bm)Notes to the (A)coroner (D)
(Bm) Details of (A)my demise

Outro.:  | (G)  | (G)  | (G)  | (D) -----

Chely Wright ChordsChely Wright Lyrics

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