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Way Beyond Empty chords - Zakk Wylde

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                 WAY BEYOND EMPTY
                   By ZAKK WYLDE
                Tabbed by Jimmy Egan

Capo 1st

Riff A
D                G

INTRO: Riff A 2x's

w/ Riff A
If I could I surely would
Child ease your pain
But if I could no longer
Would you still know my name?

If I couldn't drain the tears
That pour from these eyes
D                   Em
Would you turn your back on me
Would you wave good bye

Or leave me,
D          F#m     G
Way beyond empty inside
Awaiting my last day to arrive
Way beyond empty inside
Awaiting my end to arrive

w/ Riff A
If I couldn't be the shoulder
Which your head would rest upon
would you still be waiting
Or would you be gone?

If I couldn't keep the smile
Forever on your face
D             Em
Would I still be around
Or would I be replaced?


Riff B

w/ Riff B
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (Just end on D)

Solo (D, F#m, G 4x)

Riff A 2x's

w/ Riff A
Would you promise me
That things would never change
Could you promise me
That things they'd stay the same

If I couldn't clear the clouds
From over your head
D                   Em
Would you keep your word to me
Amongst all the things you said?


D, F#m, G until it fades out


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