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Keep Me In Mind chords - Zac Brown Band

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                (Capo on 4)

Intro.:  (D) x 4 bars

(D) How come all the pretty girls like you are taken baby
I've been lookin' for someone like you to save me
Life's too easy to be so damn complicated
Take your time and I'll be waitin'

Keep me in (G)mind, somewhere down the road you might get (D)lonely
Keep me in (G)mind, and I pray someday that you will love me (D)only

I (G)think about you somedays, and the way I would lay wastin' day after day with (D)you
We (G)always go our separate ways, but no one can love you baby the way I (D)do

Keep me in (G)mind, somewhere down the road you might get (D)lonely
Keep me in (G)mind, and I pray someday that you will love me (D)only

Well, the (F#)world can be real tough, find (Bm)shelter in me
If there's (G)no one else to (A)love, keep me in (D)mind

If ever you (G)wanted me, I'll be your (D)man
I'd be a (G)fool to let you go with someone (D)else
Whatever you (G)want from me, I'll be your (D)man
I'd give it (G)all up just to have you for my-(D)self

Keep me in (G)mind, somewhere down the road you might get (D)lonely
Keep me in (G)mind, and I pray someday that you will love me (D)only

Well, the (F#)world can be real tough, why don't you (Bm)hold on to me
When there's (G)no one else to (A)love, keep me in (D)mind

(D) (Keep me in mind,) and I'll hold you, darlin'
(Keep me in mind,) I'll be your man
(Keep me in mind,) I'll hold you, darlin'
(Keep me in mind,) come on, little mama
Put it on me

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Anyone have the tab for the chops during the verses and chorus for the electric guitar?
-wtolp | 9/29/2011
I play this capo on 2 - The clean guitar as I can make out

Upstroke on the 'chops'




Bridge lines


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