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            Jamboree In The Hills
By Joe Zelek

D                            A  
Pack your bags, there's some place we gotta go
            G               A
Back in the hill country of Ohio
      D                       A              G   A
Not a weekend hotter than the third one in July
   D                        A
So grab a squirt bottle and never fear
          G                    A 
I've been building this custom cooler all year
    D                         A                    G     A
You won't believe it till you see it with your own eyes
     Bm                         A
   Bm                            A
To pledge our allegiance to that hillbilly sound

D       A        G               A  
Here we are, all redneck and proud
         D                 A                  G                     A
With our cowboy hats and bikini tops and that country music playing loud Bm A G D Let's take it easy and party hard and do our cookin on the grill Em G A D A G It looks to me like we've got ourselves another Jamboree in the Hills A D A G A It's a Jamboree in the Hills It all got rollin' back in '77 Those people musta thought they died and went to Heaven When Haggard, Wynette, and Johnny Cash all took the stage Now you won't find a bigger country show All that rain over the years just made it grow Now the party goes on for four long days They say the ones down front have the most fun But if you wanna find out you better wake up early for the Redneck run Chorus Bridge: C D Come Sunday we'll be sad to see it end Em Em/G# But you can bet we'll be back next year A To do it all over again Chorus

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