Austin Collins, House Without Windows Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Austin Collins, House Without Windows Tabs, Chords

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Austin Collins - House Without Windows (Chords)

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House Without Windows 
By Austin Collins

Texas Country/Red Dirt artists that are great to listen to but hard to find!

Capo 2

D          G            D           G
So this is war and Iíve never taken sides
D                    G       D             G
Of wrong or right or reason, I have tasted treason
D        G               D                G
You just sit and let him sing songs to himself
D                  G               D               G 
Hearts are beating faster, you say life has its disasters

Em         D/F#          G  
And I am a house without windows
Em    D/F#               G
You inhale my lead-based dreams
Em          D/F#               G
Scratch the walls and wait for answers
Em     D/F#             G
But no one can hear you scream
        D  D/F#    G  
Without wi-i-i-i-indows
        D  D/F#    G  
Without wi-i-i-i-indows
        D  D/F#    G  
Without you

Quiet words kill moments but one breath could save my soul
You are so delighted with yourself, how you hide
Artificial earnest efforts brought us peace
But you still carved the path of stolen love to fill your needs



Austin Collins Tabs & Chords

Austin Collins Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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