Austin Collins, Roses Are Black Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Austin Collins, Roses Are Black Tabs, Chords

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Austin Collins - Roses Are Black (Chords)

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Roses Are Black
By Austin Collins

Cadd9  G  Em7  D Cadd9  G  D

Cadd9         G       Em7           D
Laughs in the mirror, cries now and then
Cadd9          G           D
Ten miles from home in the rain
Cadd9         G            Em7         D
She'd like to call him but he's always gone
     Ca99       G             D
He's fallen for something and not someone

Cadd9           G        Em7        D
Dreams are like driving, hope is surreal
Cadd9          G              D
Each time they kiss she knows just how he feels
         Cadd9             G              Em7         D
Not even close to what she wanted, reciprocation's forgone 
    Cadd9           G             D
And she's left with sounds on the road

Em7       G
Roses are black
Cadd9     D         Em7         G         D
Loving is dying for someone who doesn't deserve
Em7         G
Finders are keepers
    Cadd9        D            Em7    Em/F#  G
But losing would bring her to you
             Em7  Em/F#   G  
Bring her to you

Addicted to comfort with a heart that's been hewn
While the noise from the TV fights its way through her room
It's what quitting is to cancer you've got answers in spades
But you go with what's easy 'cause it makes you feel safe


     Em7                      D                          Cadd9 
Some seats are still open but your glass is half full my dear
Em7             C                     Cadd9
Leaving is easy once you've decided to listen to what we both hear


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