Big & Rich, Kick My Ass Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Big & Rich, Kick My Ass Tabs, Chords

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Big & Rich - Kick My Ass (Chords)

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Intro: (E)  (E) 

(N.C) Well I (E) walked up to the bar  
Laid down my Platinum Card
And I order 50 longnecks for my new (B) friends
Well, the barmaid passed them out
And before we chugged them down
I held mine up and said, "here's to us", and (E) then (A)
This (E) blonde slid up to me
And said, "that was awful sweet"
Then I saw her boyfriend
(E7) Wide as he was (A) tall
Well, he broke up our hug
With a (E) six-foot-five-inch shove
And I (B) found myself slammed up, against a (E) wall

Why does (A) everybody want to kick my (E) ass
I'm just (A) tryin' to have a little fun
For (B) all the ones who can't
And just be(A)cause I kiss the prettiest girls
And I (E) drive my truck to (A) fast
Why does (A) everybody (B) want to kick my (E) ass

Well, I've (E) never been the kind  
To walk up and pick a fight
I've always been the kind to get a(B)long
I throw parties all the time
And they're always on my dime
We drink and dance and smoke until the (E) dawn (A)
Well my (E) style of stress relief
Sometimes, disturbs the peace
The police show up, cut (E7) doughnuts in my (A) yard
And while the Zepplin's playin' loud
They run (E) off my party crowd
They (B) cuff my wrists and throw me down, so (E) hard

Repeat Chorus 

Steel Guitar Solo

Lead Guitar Solo

And just be(A)cause I kiss the prettiest girls
And I (E) drive my truck to (A) fast
Why does (A) everybody (B) want  
It seems like (A) everybody (B) wants
Why does (A) everybody (B) want to kick my (E) ass

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