Tracy  Byrd, Redneck Roses 2 Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Tracy Byrd, Redneck Roses 2 Tabs, Chords

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Tracy Byrd - Redneck Roses 2 (Chords)

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just thought i would make a couple of corrections. please take this as 
constructive criticism and not as disrespect because i know the time it 
takes to do these things.

keep up the good work

Redneck Roses

D#                     Cm
Not so long ago on his way home from work
     G#                      A#
He’d stop by the side of the road
     G#                      A#            D#
Step out of that old beat up Ford, that he drove
And he’d walk around searchin’ the ground
      G#                    A#
For a handful of wildflower blooms
G#                        A#               D#
Thinkin’ of where he’d be soon, there with her…


                        G#     A#                     D#
She called them redneck roses, cause that’s what they were
         G#                                     A#
A simple gift of love from a country boy to his girl
                        G#    A#                 CmA#G#
She called them redneck roses they didn’t cost a dime
                                A#         D#
But they brought a smile to her face every time

D#                               Cm
Now it’s years down the line she sits home alone
         G#               A#
It’s the usual end of the day
     G#                       A#                 D#
Once again he’s still working late, but he never calls
They’ve got a house on a hill and no problems with bills
      G#                 A#
And a baby that’s on the way
        G#                          A#           D#
But her heart longs for those yesterdays and his love

(repeat chorus)

           G#                       A#
They could still put a smile on her face
If he only had the time

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Byrd Tracy Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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