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Doug Moreland, Drive Myself To Drinkin' Chords

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Doug Moreland - Drive Myself To Drinkin' (Chords)

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Gonna build me a bar, in the back of my car
And drive myself to drinkin

To many beers has me grinding gears
In my 67' lincoln.

Did I mention I think I'm inchin
Slowly toward extinction

Gonna build a bar, in the back of my car
And drive myself to drinkin.

She said if I lost my job again
She'd walk right out that door
well there she goes and hell who knows
Ain't like it hadn't happen before......


Verse 2:

you know it ain't easy being me

Being loaded is a hell of a load

But I got my gin and whole bunch of friends

To help me get down the road


Now I don't want you to think I'm for drinking and driving ladies and gentleman

Cause I'm not

Though I do drink, I do drive, I try not to do both at the same time

Especially when you talkin on a cell phone, trying to change CD player

Eat a McDonalds hamburger And pay for the **** all at the same time. 
 Lot of work

So heres another verse to show that I'm not for drinking driving goes like this

Verse 3:

I know I shouldn't drink and drive,

But that woman put me through hell

Drove off in a ditch, thinking bout that b***h

NOw there hollin my butt to jail


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