Doug Moreland, The Beer Song Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Doug Moreland, The Beer Song Tabs, Chords

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Doug Moreland - The Beer Song (Chords)

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The Beer Song
By Doug Moreland

Some words were very hard to hear. Let me know if the lyrics
are wrong and I will fix them!

Well I met this old man sitting here in this bar

He told me stories and tales from afar
I said for a world traveler what are you doing sitting here
He said the beerís as good here as it is anywhere
I said have you drank all your life
He said not yet I havenít son but weíre drinking tonight

Chorus 1:
And he said
I drink lots of beer, man, I drink lots of beer
Man, I drink a lot of beer
Hold your glasses high in the air
Weíll drink a lot of beer

I said well what kind of beer do you drink
He said I donít know lemme see lemme think

Like uh
Chorus 2:
Michelob, Rolling Rock, Honeybrowne, Shiner Boch

New Castle, Red Stripe, Lowenbrau, Coors light
Negro Medello, such a fine fellow
Lone Star Beer and a Whole Lotta Sol
Dos Equis, Castle, Keystone, or Bass
Hell I drink a lot of beer

I said holy s**t old man thatís a s**t load of beer
Iím not a world traveler but Iíve drank beer from around the world.
He said like what kinds of beer have you drank
Lemme see lemme think

Chorus 3:
Pabst Blue Ribbon and old sammy Addams
Bud Light, Corona, Fosterís and Heineken
Nordahm blonde, got the girl on the front
If Homer were here heíd be drinkiní that Duff
Grotes and Guinness hell I aint finished man ive drank a lot of beer

Chorus 1

Oh man, Said, son I got you beat, Iím Ďbout twice your age
I said bulls**t youíre 'bout 3 times my age you old fart
In that case I drank 3 times as much beer as you
I said well what kind of beer do you drink
He said I donít know lemme see lemme think

Like uh
Pelican, Steibocker, BlackLabel, Budweiser
Miller, Mickeyís, Moulson'll make you sicky
Pearl and the beast, Fat Tire, Petes Ol' Wicked Ale, oh what the hell
Girls and Guinness I ainít finished
Boy, I drink a lot a beer

I said Oh man youíve got me beat
you have drank a lot more beer than me
I have to say one thing Ďfore I leave
Is you canít drink as fast as me
He said how fast can you drink
I said I donít know, Lemme see lemme think

Chorus 2


Doug Moreland Tabs & Chords

Doug Moreland Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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