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Doug Moreland, The Chitty Song Chords

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Doug Moreland - The Chitty Song (Chords)

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                The Chitty Song 

  E                                   A        E 
I pulled over at the quick mart in my 83 chevrolet
      E                         A              E   
Got a breakfast burrito, can of bud, and a tamale
  A                                                         E
I got to work on time, only half past nine, Oh No, I got to Caca
    F#                                                            B7  
The rumble in my gut was headed toward my but I rushed back to my casa.

I pulled into the driveway in my 83 chevrolet
I don't know what hit me but I think it was the Tamale
I ran right through the door, my wife ("the w***e") making love with my best friend
I just let them screw there was nothing I could do my concern was my rear end

        E                             A                   E
Now I'm stuck on the chitter while my wife is cheating on me
E                         A                   E
I can't believe it I look over And theres no TP
  A                                                                       E
I need some assistance, toilet paper for instance but they’re too busy to bother
F#                                                    E          
They just on doing and I just keep on going, and Uhghh, that’s better

Now I'm stuck on the chitter while my wife is cheating on me

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