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- You Can Come Cryin' To Me (Chords)

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You Can Come Crying To Me
By Foster & Lloyd

      E                                               A 
I can tell by the trail of tears thatís there on your sleeve
          E                                    A
That your only souvenir is the pain that won't leave
C#m           A                    E
All he left behind are the lies he told you
        C#m                   A                  E
Now the arms of your favorite chair are all that hold you

Baby you can't go to him no more
Cry on his shoulder baby that's over
You can't hide inside his arms
E                               F#                            A      B
He won't let you, baby I betcha need someone to dry away your tears
Baby you can come crying to me (you can come cryiní to me)
Baby you can come crying to me (you can come cryin to me)
     A                            E
Baby you can come crying to me anytime

I can tell by the way your shaking and the crack in your voice
That you feel as if this achiní is your  only choice
You think broken hearts last forever
But I know that I can mend what has been severed


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