Tom T Hall, Bill Monroe For Breakfast Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Tom T Hall, Bill Monroe For Breakfast Tabs, Chords

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Tom T Hall - Bill Monroe For Breakfast (Chords)

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Recorded by Tom T. Hall
Writer: Tom T. Hall

[A] When I was just a little boy, we [D] lived down on a [A] farm
Seven miles from nowhere and a hundred miles from [E7] harm
We [A] made our livin' from the dirt, if [D] anything would [A] grow
And we got our country music from a [E7] big old radi-[A] o. And;

We had [D] Bill Monroe for breakfast ev'ry [A] day
Then we'd head out to the fields, a-hoein' corn and mowin' [E7] hay
Aw! [A] mama loved his singin', daddy [D] loved to hear him [A] play
And we had Bill Monroe for [E7] breakfast ev'ry [A] day.

We had a big old battery that ran the radio
Sometimes we run it down, listenin' to the Opry Show
But we all had our instruments and most of us could play
So, we had Bill Monroe for breakfast, anyway.

Mama was a lady and my daddy liked to preach
All we ever had was just a place to eat and sleep
If I could go back home again, back to the simple ways
Oh, we'd have Bill Monroe for breakfast ev'ry day.

TAG: We had Bill Monroe for breakfast ev'ry day.


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