Tom T Hall, Sneaky Snake Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Tom T Hall, Sneaky Snake Tabs, Chords

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Tom T Hall - Sneaky Snake (Chords)

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Words and music by Tom T. Hall

[G] Boys and girls take [G7] warning
If [C] you go near the [G] lake
[C] keep your eyes wide [G] open
And [A7] look for Sneaky [D7] Snake
Now [G] maybe you won't [G7] see him
And [C] maybe you won't [G] hear
But [C] he'll sneak up behind [G] you
And [D7] drink all of your Root [G] Beer.

And then [G] Sneaky Snake goes [C] dancin'
[G] wigglin' and a-[C] hissin'
[G] Sneaky Snake goes dancin'
[A7] gigglin' and a-[D7] kissin'
I [G] dont like old [G7] Sneaky Snake,
He [C] laughs too much, you [G] see
When [C] he goes wiggin' [G] thru the grass
It [D7] tickles his under-[G] neath.

Well, Sneaky Snake drinks Root Beer and he just makes me sick
When he is not dancin', he looks just like a stick
Now he doesn't have any arms or legs, you cannot see his ears
And while we are not lookin', he's stealin' all of our beer.


Hall Tom T Tabs & ChordsHall Tom T Lyrics

Hall Tom T Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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