Tom T Hall, Texas In Love With Me Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Tom T Hall, Texas In Love With Me Tabs, Chords

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Tom T Hall - Texas In Love With Me (Chords)

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Written and recorded by Tom T. Hall

It [D] wasn't much, but I sold it all, and I [G] moved to San An-[D] tone
[G] Knowing in my [D] heart, that Texas [E] had to be my [A] home
I [D] fell in love with Texas, I was [G] happy, I was [D] free
But [G] Texas never [D] fell In [A] love with [D] me.

[A] I found out my style just didn't [G] suit the local [D] squirrel
I [G] found out that [D] I can't fit [E] into a cowboy [A] world
I'm [D] back in Indiana, just as [G] lonesome as can [D] be
[G] Texas never [D] fell in [A] love with [D] me.

I bought myself a cowboy hat, of course it didn't fit
I bought myself a case of Coors and I'm used to drinkin' Schlitz
I watched the cowgirls come and go, Lord, don't they love to play
The one I wanted never came my way.


|  Submitted by:                       "HANK WILLIAMS     |
|  Gene Graham                        WILL LIVE FOREVER   |
|               IN PEOPLE'S HEARTS"  |
|  El Paso, Texas                     by: Johnny & Jack   |

Hall Tom T Tabs & ChordsHall Tom T Lyrics

Hall Tom T Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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