Jared Pete Gile, Back 40 Lover Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jared Pete Gile, Back 40 Lover Tabs, Chords

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Jared Pete Gile - Back 40 Lover (Chords)

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Back 40 Lover
By Jared ďPeteĒ Gile

Capo 1

Just a half full whiskey bottle and this old beat up guitar
            C                                      G
Theyíre the only two friends that Iím gonna need tonight
          F                                Am               G 
Iím gonna tell one my troubles and let the other wash them away
        C                        D                  G
After a little conversation everythingís gonna be alright

Iím just a country boy thatís been locked down by the handcuffs of a bigger town
I still feel guilty bout leavin Daddy on the farm
He told me to go on off to college and make your Momma proud
Cause in 5 years this little farmís gonna be long gone

            C                         G  
Iím just an ol back 40 lover that got stuck on the other
            F              Am                 G 
Side of the fence and itís got me feeling all wrong
            F                               Am             G
Iím just an ol back 40 lover didnít take me too long to discover
         C                        D             G 
That the city ainít where this ol country boy belongs

So, now Iím just a sittin here alternating shots with bottles of beer
Acting plumb crazy, getting all drunk and loud
With an average of 5 nights a week down in Aggieville, I canít seem to shake this guilt I feel
Sorry Daddy, I donít think Iím makin Momma proud


With a little luck I guess Iíll get a degree but itíll just be another piece of paper to me
An educationís never made anybody more of a man
But a little hard work and sweat on your back, hell some of these boys ainít ever heard of that
But you can bet Iím damn proud of the calluses on my hands

    Em                  D                     C
Iím talking about clear water and spring fed fishing holes
    Em            D             C
The sunset on the leaves in the fall
        Em                 D                   C
How the open countryside becomes a little part of your soul
        C                                          D
And how working alongside your family might be the best part of all


I said the city ainít where this ol country boy belongs

Jared Pete Gile Tabs & Chords

Jared Pete Gile Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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