Jared Pete Gile, I've Got It All Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jared Pete Gile, I've Got It All Tabs, Chords

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Jared Pete Gile - I've Got It All (Chords)

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Iíve Got It All
By Jared ďPeteĒ Gile

Intro chords:
C  C/B  Am  G
C  C/B  D   G
C  C/B  Am  G
C  C/B  D   G

         C        C/B         Am         G 
Well Iím leaving again headed out on the road
           C     C/B       D            G 
Seems like yesterday I was just getting home
             C        C/B            Am        G 
Sounds kinda romantic donít it being a rolling stone
      C         C/B        D         G 
But I sure hate leavin you here all alone

I know youíd rather have me home more than anything
But sometimes I need this road and the peace that it brings
Sometimes it feels like stealing getting paid to sing
Canít believe this old guitar bought you that wedding ring

      C                   G
And I donít know how this happened
           C                G 
Feels just like Iím livin a dream
     C               G
Everything Iíve ever wanted
Laid out right there in front of me
         C                G
Iíve got you baby and our families
         C                     G 
The best friends that you ever saw
         C                G                    D 
Couldnít ask for anything else right now cause baby
            C    C/B  Am  G 
Iíve got it all

Never imagined Iíd be this much gone
But I guess itís a sign of success honey that they like my songs
So much fun sometimes it almost feels wrong
So lonely sometimes when the nights get long

But itís still the best job in all the land
Being a jack of all trades and a one man band
Itís what I tell people when they ask who I am
I say Iím a traveling salesman with a guitar in my hands

Chorus twice

Iíve got it all

Jared Pete Gile Tabs & Chords

Jared Pete Gile Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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