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Jared Pete Gile, In Between College And Kids Chords

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Jared Pete Gile - In Between College And Kids (Chords)

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                In Between College And Kids
By Jared "Pete" Gile

E                           A
Things just ain’t what they use to be
    B                               A
I’m stuck here in the middle in the in between
         E                  A
Of who I used to be and the things I did
        B                  A     
Are now memories scattered by the wind
    E             A
Halfway to a half century old
    B                A
Has come and gone on down the road
   E               A    
My body’s finally feeling some age
       B                  A 
Yeah I sure do miss those college days

Well I’m waking up when I used to come in
No more late night breakfast at 3 am
At Bob’s Diner after a night on the town
The sun used to come up before we’d shut it down
Well I sure don’t party like that anymore
I sure can’t drink like I did before
All in all I guess I’m alright
I’m just feeling a little sentimental tonight

B              A
Now that I can see
               B                       A                E  
I used to have a lot more time and lot less responsibilities
         B                        A              E
And it’s hard to believe how fast life is flying by
A                                B
I look back and laugh at all the crazy things I did
             A          B           E     A   B   A   E
Now that I’m in between college and kids

Well this is when I thought I’d chase my dreams
See the world be footloose and fancy free
That plan started was going along OK 
Before a few things started to get in the way
Now I’m paying a mortgage instead of rent
I got a wife that used to be my girlfriend
The biological clock ticking away
Gonna have our own little ones one of these days


C#m           B                A
It ain’t that bad this growing old
C#m          B                 A
Just kicking back and watching life unfold


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