, Railcar Is Your Friend Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Railcar Is Your Friend Tabs, Chords

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- Railcar Is Your Friend (Chords)

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E          G      D                    E                     G    D
Across that riverbed sign says, there ain't no coming back
                   E               G             D     E          G   D
There's a newly paved road with golden rails, and a lonesome railroad track
       E                    G            D         E         G       D
It's time to choose which path is gonna take you to your end
        E       G       D         E    G         D                  E
The golden rails light up the sky, but the railcar is your friend, it is your friend

Climb on in the whiskeys fine, and grab a bale of hay
Its gonna be a bumpy ride, so be careful what you say
The bridge ahead has dead-end trails, ridin over that riverbed
A broken heart needs time to heal, but the railcar is your friend, it is your friend

G             A                                  E
Chasing love, is spreading water
G                              A                         E
My heart keeps following the train
G                         A                             E
My faith pool keeps growing deeper
But its not deep enough

Way down yonder past Cherry Hill, lies that perfect golden trail
An amusement park on a pirate ship, with long jet black sails
Pass the lies, trust and the tears is a cliff right up ahead
If it wasn't for this lonesome train, I'd probably wined up dead, wined up dead


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