, Sunday Morning Blues Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Sunday Morning Blues Tabs, Chords

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- Sunday Morning Blues (Chords)

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E                                       Gm
Oh I stumble, out of bed
        Cm                                            A
The blood and the alcohol is rushing to my head
                  E                          Gm
I see the light, shining free
        Cm                                               A
the fury from above, pulls the shining light on me
                        E                                       Gm
it burns my eyes, straight to the core
  Cm                                                                  A
I know I said the last time that there wouldn't be no more
                             E                         B7
Can't take the pain, feel so ashamed
                                 A            E
Here comes the rain

Trip throught the door, shake the greeters hand
Grab my morning coffee as the sermon just began
The preacher stares, right on me
His eyes roll back, that's not the way a Christian boy should be
But I don't care, I'm not here for him
Always know the Lord loves, a whiskey drinking man
So kiss the ring, and help me sing
Here's to the King

My hearts restored, through God's grace
He never found a heart or soul, he never could replace
He pried my eyes, and made me see
The partnership with Him that he had in store for me
and share His word, to those who need
the shining light, that helps us picked up from the Devils knee
Now I see, right next to me
The Lord indeed 

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