James McMurtry, Pocatello Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

James McMurtry, Pocatello Tabs, Chords

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James McMurtry - Pocatello (Chords)

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Capo 1st fret 

(C)Picked you up in Pocatello 
In some (F) truck stop parking lot 
Out (C) beside that burned up Volvo 
With the (G) smoking engine shot 
And you just (C) left that Volvo lying 
You never (F) gave it half a thought 
(C)Faithless, (G) fine, and (C) gone 

(C)You said you came from Randolph 
Up (F)across the Wasatch Range 
You kept (C) talking clear to Salt Lake 
Liked to (G) drove us all insane 
But now Iím (C) flying down 
That four lane highway (F) screaming out your name 
(C)Faithless, (G) fine, and (C) gone 

(F)Batten down the (C) hatches I can (F) hear my grandma (G) say 
(C)Boy you like to play with matches 
Gonna (G)burn yourself (C) someday 

(C)Iím gonna haul on back to Denver 
Just as (F) soon as I get through 
And Iím (C) burnt down to smoldering embers 
But I (G) guess I can make do 
And now (C) I hear some guy that used to 
Manage some (F) band I never heard of 
Is (C) trying to manage you 
(C)Faithless, (G) fine, and (C) gone 

(F)Batten down the (C) hatches I can (F) hear my grandma (G) say 
(C)Boy you like to play with matches 
Gonna (G)burn yourself (C) someday 

McMurtry James Tabs & ChordsMcMurtry James Lyrics

McMurtry James Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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