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Brad Paisley, It Never Woulda Worked Out Anyway Tabs

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Brad Paisley - It Never Woulda Worked Out Anyway (Tabs)

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                Brad Paisley  -  It Never Woulda Worked Out Anyway (tab)

I think these chord shapes are the easiest way to play this song, so I've
can change chords quickly.

Bb     =   688766                             Dm       =   x57765

Dbm    =   x46654                             Cm       =   x35543

F      =   133211                             Bb(2)    =   x13331

Eb     =   xx5343                             Bbmaj7   =   x13231
Edim   =   xx2323                             G        =   355433

Gm     =   355333                             C        =   x35553



           Bb  Dm                    Dbm
Oh lighten up, where's your sense of humor?
             Cm          F
They're just tiny little rumors
       Cm                 F               Bb(2)  F
That I started 'cause I'm lookin' out for you.
          Bb        Dm            Dbm            
Oh settle down, I'm just a little jealous,
        Cm               F
And I'm sure those other fellas
      Cm                F                Bb(2) 
Never once believed the lies I told were true.

         Eb                               Bbmaj7
Like the time I told that cowboy that you used to be a man,
        F                               Bmaj7
And the doctor you were datin' that you hide your wedding band.
     Eb         Edim         Bb(2)         G
Even if I am responsible for scaring them away,
    Cm              F               Cm          F
You really ought to thank me, I was doin' you a favour,
          Cm           F             Bb
'Cause it never woulda worked out anyway. 

             Bb       Dm              Dbm
Oh can't you see, the reason that I'm doin'
        Cm               F
All the crazy things I'm doin',
     Cm             F              Bb(2)  F
Is because I really care about you girl.
           Bb    Dm          Dbm
And I'll admit I go a little farther
       Cm              F
Than I know I probably oughta,
         Cm            F              Bb(2)
But it's all because I need you in my world. 

         Eb                               Bbmaj7
Like the time I told that lawyer that you spent a year in jail,
        F                                 Bmaj7
And the salesman you were seein' you hang out at cheap motels.
     Eb         Edim         Bb(2)         G
Even if I am responsible for scaring them away,
    Cm              F               Cm          F
You really ought to thank me, I was doin' you a favour,
          Cm           F             Bb
'Cause it never woulda worked out anyway.

Bb  Dm  Dbm  Cm  F  Cm  F  Bb(2)  F  Bb  Dm  Dbm  Cm  F  Cm  F  Bb

Cm                F                  Bbmaj7
I can't stand the thought of you with anybody else,
Cm               F             Gm      C      F   F#  F
I know I've gone overboard but I can't help myself. 

         Eb                               Bbmaj7
Like the time I told that dentist you had seven little kids,
        F                          Bbmaj7 
And you doubled as a dancer at the strip joint on the ridge.
     Eb         Edim         Bb(2)        G
Even if I am responsible for scaring him away,
    Cm              F               Cm          F
You really ought to thank me, I was doin' you a favour,
          Cm           F             Bb
'Cause it never woulda worked out anyway. 
     Cm            F              Cm                  F
It's all because I love you and I can't stop thinkin' of you,
       Cm           F             Bb
And it never woulda worked out anyway.


/   =   slide up                                   p   =   pulloff

h   =   hammer-on                                  \   =   slide down




LEAD GUITAR SOLO  (halfway through instrumental)






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