Eddie Raven, I Could Use Another You Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Eddie Raven, I Could Use Another You Tabs, Chords

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Eddie Raven - I Could Use Another You (Chords)

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A           E      D
Donít need another drink now
A                 E           D  
Been drinkiní the whole night long
A             E       D    
Donít need no time to think now
A                   E        D
Been thinking since you been gone
F#m                    E
What could I use it to make it all right
D                   E
One thing I need is ?? to mind

I could use another you, I could use somebody new
A          E                 D
That could do what you could do 
E             D 
Back when you loved me
I could use a lovers touch, that could move me just as much
A       E          D     E             D
I could never get enough back when you loved me
F#m E          D                           A           
Now that weíre through I could use another you

Donít wanna go to new places
That wouldnít do no good
Donít wanns see new faces
Though everyone says I should
One thing Iím missing and one thing I need
Is love like the loviní that you gave to me



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Raven Eddie Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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