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Eddie Raven, Right Hand Man Chords

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Eddie Raven - Right Hand Man (Chords)

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Right Hand Man
(Gary Scruggs)                 
Performed by Eddie Raven
Transcribed by Jason Neus (

INTRO:  G  D  G  D
Johnny Gave Susan A Wedding Band
                    D        G
Now She Wears It On Her Left Hand

I'm Doing The Best I Can 
                                  D          G
To Forget She Used To Call Me Her Right Hand Man

Susan Always Knew I'm Not Marrying Kind
                               D       G
But She Said She Would Love Me For All Time

Said A Wedding Band Just Sparkles And Shines
                         D          G
Be My Right Hand Man And That'll Be Fine

A Right Hand Man Can Be Your Lover
          G             C          G
Carry The Load When The Wind Blows Cold
He Can Be Replaced By Another
      D    C       G
Who's Carrying The Gold

BREAK:  C  G  D  G

Susan Made Me Think Our Love Was Real
                  D           G
There Are Times I Believe Her Still

But Johnny Walked In Right Out Of Left Field
                          D         G
Put A Right Hand Man In A Left Hand Deal

C        G
Carry No Gold
  C          G         D        G
A Right Hand Man Don't Carry No Gold
C                                  G              C           G
They Say Don't Let Your Right Hand Know What Your Left Hands Doin'
D                    C                     G
Susan Kept Me In The Dark For A Long, Long Time
         C                               G       D    C
I Had No Idea That Love's Foundation Was Turning Into Ruin
        D                  C         D        G
Because Being A Right Hand Man Was A Dream Of Mine


BREAK:  C  G  D  G
  C          G         D        G
A Right Hand Man Don't Carry No Gold

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