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Bruce Robison, Just Married Chords

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Bruce Robison - Just Married (Chords)

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Bruce Robison      Just Married  written by Bruce Robison

Bruce Robison  vocals/guitar
Chip Dolan     keyboards
Marty Muse     steel guitar
Brad Fordham   bass
Lisa Pankratz  drums 
Kelly Willis   background vocals

E                                B
She walked down the aisle in her satin and veil
   C#m                        A
My heart was beating like an old church bell
E                              B
The preacher man asked her she said I do
   C#m                   A
My knees went week and I said I do too
E                       B
The world stood still I could see my life
  D               A
I looked into her eyes
When we were just married
We wished upon a star
       C#m                          A
It was painted on the window in the back of my car
E                    B
We had no worries we had no doubts
          C#m                            A
We would fold like an umbrella when the lights went out
E                    B                    E   E B D A
Never been a love so true just married to you
         E                      B        
Now the rain will  fall and the wind will blow
C#m                      A          
Dreams will come and the dreams  they go
E                         B
Living on dreams and the  heavenly  ground  ???
C#m                                A
The whole world can worry and  the tides that bind
E                            B
I'm feeling the chill of the early fall
          D               A
I see the picture on the  wall
Of when we were just married
   B              C#m                               A
We held on tight thinking some how everything would be allright
E                    B
We had no worries we had no land
         C#m                         A
We would wake in the morning do the best we can
E                       B                   E   B  D  A
Remember when love was  new just married to you
      A                     E
Now I close my eyes in the deep dark past
C#m                     A
Hold me close and we'll lay in the grass
A                               E
Proving nothing could ever ever tear us apart
            D                  A
I found the girl with one true heart
They say everything changes 
With no one to blame
    C#m                        A
The more thing change the more I stay the same
E                            B
And everything about me  she loved before
       C#m                       A            
Is the same damn thing she can't stand no more
E                         B      
When my friends ask how I am today
D                A
I just smile and say
It's just like we were married
We held on tight
C#m                   A
Turn up the flame and turn down the light
E                 B
Living on nothing living on love
C#m                           A
COunting  our blessing in the stars above
E                    B                    E
Never been a love so true just married to you
Thats all we are
C#m              A
Sweet memories inside my heart
E                                B
We've been thru heaven and we've been thru hell
C#m                         A
Ain't been nowhere but it's just as well
E                      B                   E
Remember when love was new just married to you

From Bruce Robison "Long Way Home From Anywhere"  July 1999
Sony Lucky Dog Records 1999

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