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Bruce Robison, Tonight Chords

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Bruce Robison - Tonight (Chords)

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Bruce Robison       Tonight   written by Bruce Robison

D Bm G A

They say when you are young
It's a shame  you don't know
But I remember laughing
Wherever I go
D                       Bm  
A flirt or a flame or a friend or a fight
Can't come home now Mom
A                                  D    Bm     G      A    
Cause anything might happen tonight
Now the nights on fire
I've got a beer and a smoke
G                                A    
Your gut hurts from laughing at some dirty joke
D                                        Bm  
That you really shouldn't tell cause you know it ain't right
But you can't help but feelin
     A                             D    Bm     G      A    
Like anything might happen tonight
        G                          A           
With a kiss and a whisper in the backseat of a car
G                                 A    
Collecting young girls just like fireflies in a jar
G                          A    
But the glass is all empty their wings took flight
G                               A               D   Bm  G  A
So fill er up good Joe cause anything might happen tonight

D   Bm     G       A    

            G                        A    
Now there's beer on my breath as I lean to your ear
G                           A    
I try not to yell but you can't hardly hear
G                         A    
If we close our eyes try with all of our might
Can you remember that feeling
      A                         D    Bm     G       A    
Like anything might happen tonight


D                                  Bm                   
Now who is that girl with the red dress on
G                     A    
She makes me remember back when I was young
        D                        Bm  
And I'd give anything for just a little more moonlight
Can't come home now Mom
      A                        D      Bm   G  A
Cause anything might happen tonight

    D   Bm    G     A     D 
Oh tonight

>From Bruce Robison  "Country Sunshine"
Boars Nest Records 20001
Tiltawhirl Music

Kenny Malone       drums
Dan Dugmore        steel guitar/guitar
Dennis Crouch      bass
Eamon McLaughlin   fiddle
Peter Wasner       piano

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