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Road Hammers, I'm A Road Hammer 1 Chords

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Road Hammers - I'm A Road Hammer 1 (Chords)

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The Road Hammers- I'm A Road Hammer
**Sweet tune, the other version was a tad bit off so this is one i think is a bit better.

Capo 3

Verse 1:

      E          D
I'm a road man, a load man
18 wheels and a serious plan
      E                  D
Ain't nothing gonna go gettin' outa hand
      G   A          E    
While I'm behind the wheel
E            D
I'm on fire, and I'm wired
Full of diesel and ready for hire
E                     D              
While I'm building a rollin' empire
   G     A         E
Of blood sweat and steel

Verse 2:

        E             D
I don't waste time, I make time
Tearin' a strip off the white line
      E                  A
I'm a professional man, I'm a one of a kind
      G        A        E
And I know how to bring it in
        E              D
I got a clean slate in five states
And twenty-nine that ain't so great
    E                D  
And fourteen that'll have to wait,
    G     A         E
And two I've never been


E      D     
I'm a road hammer
A white-knuckled steel-gear jammer
  E           D
A rig-jockey highway slammer
         G           A     E
I'm just doin' what I gotta do
E       D
I'm a road hammer
A double-talkin' C-B rambler
   E                       D
I'll haul your load from Alabama
G             A     E
All the way to Timbuktu

Verse 3:

I've hauled left coast to west coast
California sun where they're chillin' the most
I follow 309, the teddy bear's ghost
All the way to New Orleans
I've been from Thunder Bay, to P-A
All the way down to F-L-A
And every little town along the way
They're ain't much that I haven't seen



E             D     
  Another day, another town
E               A
  Diesel up, and hammer down!

Verse 4:

I got a pimped ride, pretty bride,
Four little babies in my town reside
Back in the hills on the mountainside
South of the river bend
I got my cellphone, on roam
Sweet little thing wants to get it on
She says I left something turned on at home
She can't wait till I'm back again!

Chorus x2

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