Goddamned Saint

Once upon softer times
I met a man
Who'd made some records I admired
Though he wrote like a sinner
As far as I could understand
From the front pew of my choir
But now I watched
As he walked the walk
Like a goddamned saint
And one of the walls I'd built
Around what I thought I felt came tumbling down
And a trickle of light shone in
From somewhere I hadn't been
Since I'd been told to quit poking around
As if God himself were saying
"Go on, it'll be okay
You've got a goddamned saint with you now"

Thus upon softer times
We bared our souls
In the good old-fashioned hope
Of changing one another
I recited parables
And he listened with an openness
I heard
As clear as any words
He could've preached or prayed

Do not fear this world
And it will bring you strength
To lay down your sword and shield
And the other three walls I'd built
Around what I thought I felt came tumbling down
And a torrent of light shone in
He said, "Are you coming, friend?"
I said what the hell and went poking around
Like a goddamned saint

Who lives to seek
And seeks to test what they believe
But then times got harder
I find my choir has ceased to think
And my thoughts have ceased to sing
'Cause I won't even have a drink
With anyone who disagrees
Like I've forgotten
That the well I'm drawing from
Springs from disagreements
With people who believe
That we can only change someone as much
As we're willing to be changed